The Education Futures team

WHY do we exist?

Addressing real world issues and problems.
Our mission is to make a difference to the life of every learner. We will do this by translating research to advance education.

Universities and their knowledge base are far too often absent as an expert collaborator around important issues - every learner has a right to know what the latest research has to offer to any issue and debate.

Collaborating with other expertise from a diversity of social sectors underpins the work that we do.


WHAT will we do?

We will use research to prepare Australia for the future of education.

Our world is currently changing at a rapid rate thanks to new technologies, a more diverse culture and the demands of current environmental and political issues.

This requires new thinking to ensure we are meeting the complex challenges of our fast-paced, quickly changing world.

Today’s learners must be supported by an education system that includes research-based evidence.

Education Futures offers space for Monash thought leaders to dedicate their time to exploring big ideas in education. As an output of this they will be able to provide research evidence for use in decisions affecting learning.

By bringing together academics and community leaders, we will facilitate an open dialogue, cutting edge research, conduct round-tables, forums and other events for educators, policy makers and the public.

Discover our research.

Explore our thinking.

Focusing on six key themes, learn more about the latest projects and perspectives from the Education Futures team.



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