A force for change

The newest addition to Education Futures, Dr Deana Leahy passionately champions our mission: to make a difference to the life of every learner through research.

The impact Deana’s creating in health education right now will support learners today and into the future.

Driving change for over two decades

Shaping health education in Victoria for 25+ years, Deana brings a wealth of experience and insight to Education Futures.

Deana’s recent projects have included helping to redevelop the study designs for VCE units Food Studies and Health and Human Development. She is also a member of two Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects that are investigating health pedagogies and their effects in both schools and in families. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Chair for Global Health and Education and active in working with a number of professional associations.

Current projects

The Little Food Festival: Re-imagining Food Education

It’s not every day you can bring research to life at Federation Square!

In partnership with Sandro Demaio Foundation and Federation Square, the Little Food Festival will provide opportunities for young Vicotorians and their families to explore issues related to food, sustainability and health with an emphasis on fun and play. This two-day event will take children on a vibrant adventure that entails thinking about the food we eat, where it comes from and what impact this has on us and the environment.

The festival will be filled with immersive educational workshops, cooking demonstrations, bush tukka, craft workshops, a minecraft sustainability challenge and more. It will simplify the complex, and help kids think about how and why we need to make change.

Schooling Food: Delving deeper into school food programs

A thought-provoking exhibition, Schooling Food focuses on what popular programs like Nude Food are teaching children about healthy eating.

Underpinned by the research of Dr Leahy and the ARC team, this exhibition also draws attention to the complex issues that arise when schools do food. These include:

  • the conflict between ‘healthy’ foods enforced in regular contexts and the reliance on junk food for fundraising;
  • the fear and anxiety that strict school food programs cause in both children and parents;
  • what lessons about food that parents really want their children to learn;
  • the ways school food programs vary in approaches to regulating healthy eating;
  • the contradictory and mixed messages that emerge as a result of the many school food programs that currently operate.

Eager to make an impact too?

Collaborating with academics, policymakers, community leaders and researchers, Dr Leahy uses her work to create change in health education.

By partnering with Education Futures, you can do the same.

Drawing upon our broad network, strong evidence base and expertise, we can help to translate research into action to achieve transformational outcomes.

Imagine the work we can do together. Email to learn more today.

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A force for change


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