Kathleen Aikens
Research Fellow, Educational Psychology & Incl Education

Core experience

Core interests:
· Environmental and sustainability education
· Risk, compliance, and creativity in education
· Mobilities and policy conflict


Kathleen Aikens is a postdoctoral fellow in Education Futures. She researches environmental and sustainability education in schools and other learning contexts. She is interested in the intersections of (policy) conflict, digital media, and environmental education. Kathleen’s research approach is collaborative, focused on the wellbeing of communities and schools and ultimately, aims to support a more equitable and sustainable future.

Kathleen came to Monash in May 2019 from the University of Saskatchewan where she spent six years as a researcher with the Sustainability and Education Policy Network, an international network of academics and practitioners committed to advancing sustainability in formal schooling.

Kathleen is involved in a number of projects through her appointment with Education Futures, including gender equity in STEM education, learning environments in K-12 schools, and creativity and critical thinking in higher education.

Kathleen is committed to academic work that makes a difference in professional communities, from research dissemination to professional development. In Canada, she served as a committee member of the nationally award-winning program, Student Action for a Sustainable Future (SASF, 2014-2019). From 2015-17, she served as chair of a “citizen-expert” advisory committee, which supported the local municipality in setting ambitious climate targets.



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