Virtual classrooms a possibility as virus spreads

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow education authorities are accelerating plans for creating virtual classrooms if students and teachers have to stay home. But there are significant challenges involved.

Article originally published on ABC.

Education authorities are accelerating plans for virtual classrooms in the event staff and students have to stay home.

Monash Education Future's Professor Neil Selwyn explained moving lessons online won't be easy.

"The main practical challenge is going to be one of broadband access. Not every child has decent internet access at home. There's going to be big equity issues if nothing else," said Neil.

"Teaching online is a very different skill. We just don't have school teachers that have been taught to make full use of teaching online so people will be making it up as they go along."

"Also schools are not just about teaching and learning, they're also a place for kids to be during the day whilst their parents are at work. Children learning online at home also need parents there and ideally parents would get involved in the online learning as well," explained Professor Neil Selwyn. 

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Virtual classrooms a possibility as virus spreads


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