Dragan Gasevic

Core experience

Learning analytics
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Self-regulated learning
Collaborative learning
Machine learning
Network science
Text analysis
Educational measurement


‘I strive to transform learning and teaching through computational models and software systems. As a result, I’ve contributed to the global research community in many ways.

Throughout my career, I’ve held many leadership positions in research and education institutions around the world. These include Co-director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education – and President of the Society of Learning Analytics Research.

I also hold several honorary appointments in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, the UK and USA.

Today, I’m known as a pioneer in learning analytics. I’ve won numerous Best Paper Awards at major international conferences, and been recognised for my team’s award-winning work on the LOCO-Analytics software.

I’m also a co-author of many research papers and a frequent keynote speaker at various events.’



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