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Why Education Futures is the missing link

Research that makes a difference to every learner. Professor Deborah Corrigan discusses Monash University's latest think tank, Education Futures.

A new approach will help educators, policy makers and the community access world-class academic research, more efficiently and collaboratively.

Improving access to research

Accessing the latest academic research about education can be difficult for people working outside of the university sector. This is a significant issue. To tackle big policy and systemic issues, university researchers, governments, community, schools, other education institutions need to work together. Universities, and our expertise, can be missing from important conversations about what a global citizen of the twenty-first century looks like, and how we educate for this.

What will we do

We will use research to prepare Australia for the future of education.

Our world is currently changing at a rapid rate thanks to new technologies, a more diverse culture and the demands of current environmental and political issues.

This requires new thinking to ensure we are meeting the complex challenges of our fast-paced, quickly changing world.

Today’s learners must be supported by an education system that includes research-based evidence.

Education Futures offers space for Monash thought leaders to dedicate their time to exploring big ideas in education. As an output of this they will be able to provide research evidence for use in decisions affecting learning.

By bringing together academics and community leaders, we will facilitate an open dialogue, cutting edge research, conduct round-tables, forums and other events for educators, policy makers and the public.

Bringing evidence to the table in a way that hasn’t been done before

Education Futures works as a connection point

When you collaborate with others, you can achieve something that you couldn’t achieve on your own.

Our aim is to work together to identify challenges and translate research findings into real-world outcomes.

Where there are gaps in the current research, we can facilitate discussions, host forums or undertake new research.

Our new platform

Education Futures is designed so stakeholders can access our group of experts in education, quickly.

Our core team is led by thought-leading professors, chosen not just for their expert knowledge, but also because of their track record of successfully working with partners and translating that knowledge to practical solutions.

Research should be useful. Personally, I don’t engage in research unless I think it’s beneficial to the learner. It should be making a difference and be able to be applied.

Are you ready to change the future of education?

We are interested in big, systemic issues — ones that affect every learner.

Get in touch with us to find out about the latest research findings on a particular topic.

If no research exists, we can work with you to investigate the problem and find a pathway to a solution.

Send your question to:

Together, we will change the future of education.



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