UNESCO Lifelong Learning Initiative

Education Futures’ Professor Neil Selwyn is a member of a 12-person international expert group who convened this year to prepare a report on the futures of lifelong learning for the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.

Lifelong learning has a critical role to play in shaping a sustainable future, building resilient societies, enhancing health and wellbeing, supporting environmental protection and climate action, and helping eradicate poverty and social inequalities.

The expert group has proposed a set of measures for targeted action:

  • Offering targeted learning opportunities for disadvantaged groups and promoting gender equality
  • Supporting the creation of easily accessible learning spaces
  • Developing digital tools that enable learners to navigate their learning pathways
  • Co-creating an educational commons, where education is acknowledged as a public good with openly accessible learning resources
  • Equipping educational institutions with the tools to create a culture of lifelong learning
  • Establishing a continuous dialogue on lifelong learning and promoting transdisciplinary research in the field
  • Developing an action plan and monitoring solutions.

The group agreed that lifelong learning needs to be considered as a human right, ensuring that the needs of all learners are addressed and that no one is left behind.

Read more about the lifelong learning project.

Read more about the UNESCO Futures of Education.

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UNESCO Lifelong Learning Initiative


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