Neil Selwyn
Professor of Education

Core experience

Digital technology and society
Using digital technologies in educational settings
The role of digital technologies in everyday life
Digital technology and social exclusion
Public policy-making in the information age


'My research is focused on the changing nature of education in the digital age.

I'm particularly interested in the often compromised ways in which emerging digital technologies and innovations are finding their place in schools, universities and other education settings.

This raises important social issues surrounding inequality, disadvantage and the development of more meaningful, just and empowering forms of digital education.

My current research areas include AI, automation and data-driven education, how digital labour issues are impacting teachers and the environmental future of digital education.

Thanks to my continuous work in Europe and North and South America, I've had the honour of working with some of the brightest minds in our field.

For me, academic research is a collective effort.'



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