Joanne Deppeler
Professor at Education Futures

Core experience

Inclusive education and support in schools
Learning environments
Industry partnerships for school transformation
Teacher education
Trauma-aware schooling
Collaboration in evidence-informed development


'I want to make a difference to the outcomes and experiences of schooling, especially for disadvantaged students facing a range of challenges and their teachers.

Collaboration sits at the core of my research approach. I believe we must work closely with governments, organisations, students, families and other stakeholders to embrace diverse perspectives. It's the only way to enable change through research and development.

For over 10 years, I have helped develop and advance inclusive education in countries around the world - from China and India to Bangladesh and Ghana. I also regularly contribute to research through international forums and publications.
In Australia, I work with the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM), Commonwealth Government and Department of Education on professional development, consultancy and research projects.

Over the course of my career, there have been many highlights. I've particularly enjoyed working with different governments - and leading projects that have supported students and teachers all over the globe.

I'm also grateful to have won the 2012 Deans Award for Excellence in Innovation and External Collaboration, which recognised my contributions to education at a state, national and international level.'



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