14 July 06:00 PM

- 15 July 07:30 PM

VIRTUAL PUBLIC LECTURE Education Now: Creating the New Normal

Online live stream only. Free event.

After evaluating how schools are tracking during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've found that some kids have actually thrived while working online from home. This isn't the conversation we're used to hearing. This has been due to a range of factors such as social influences, fewer distractions, control of their own learning, and their local environment.

So how do we take these findings and make sure these students are given the best opportunity to continue to flourish post-COVID?  How do we maintain the flexibility to cater to the needs of different students - not just at the level of an individual student or teacher, but at a system level? This is where our discussion begins.

Please note the University's position and response to the COVID-19 situation: Novel Coronavirus fact sheet.

To attend this event, register at this link.



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