19 August 06:30 PM

- 19 August 08:00 PM

Education Futures Australia

Shining the Spotlight on the Future of STEM Education

What does the future of STEM education look like for Australian schools?

To celebrate National Science Week, join us for the next ‘Let’s talk STEM’ event, where Education Futures director, Professor Deborah Corrigan, and a panel of experts will discuss the importance of including STEM education in our schools.

  • What is STEM Education (and what is it not)?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can STEM education be integrated into your school?
  • What impact is STEM education likely to have on students?
  • What will be the indicators of success of STEM education?

This event marks the release of the second report in our Education Futures Spotlight Series, Implementing an Integrated STEM Education in Schools: Five Key Questions Answered

Register for Shining the Spotlight on the Future of STEM Education here.



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